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Welcome to Ty Hapus Cymru Ltd


Ty Hapus Cymru Ltd have over 20 years’ experience in delivering the highest quality wall and roof coating systems. We know that each house is unique and we are committed to helping all of our customers to make the most of their home. When you choose Ty Hapus Cymru Ltd you’re choosing a quality home improvement that is guaranteed to look great, protect and enhance your property and keep your home looking superb year after year.

Ty Hapus Cymru Ltd.’s specialist wall coating system eliminates the need for frequent repainting and maintenance of exterior walls. The specialist coating is a flexible ALKYD RESIN which provides long life, outstanding durability along with high weather resistance. It won’t fade or crack and will keep your home protected from whatever the British weather can throw at it!

We use our very own highly skilled applicators who share our passion for high standards and workmanship and have completed many homes all across South Wales.

Ty Hapus Cymru Ltd specialize in long term, protective decorative masonry wall coating solutions. The protective wall coatings we use are supplied from one of the largest manufacturers of specialist long life resin wall coatings in Europe; Andura, who are based in Oxfordshire.

We are proud to be an official, licensed and registered agent of Andura and have to adhere to a very strict code of conduct and quality.

We have worked very hard to build an enviable and deserved reputation amongst our customers, many of whom recommend our products to friends and neighbours.

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