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Product Information

We only use Andura specialist coating (CLASSIC 21) it is a unique building product made up of a special blend of resins, minerals, titanium, fungicide and other chemicals that offer exterior protection like no ordinary paint ever could, it keeps out cold and wet & protects against all the elements – including salty sea winds!

Here is a small breakdown of what makes our specialist coating so long lasting and why it’s not like ordinary paint!


The resin is essentially the backbone of the coating and forms the film. The resins we use have been selected to provide excellent weathering & performance properties.


This gives a degree of flexibility to the coating & prevents cracking in the film in situations such as expansion & contraction due to temperature changes. The plasticiser used in textured coating is ‘non migratory’ meaning that it will remain within the coating maintaining its performance.


External coatings can be prone to attack by fungal growth. Biocides incorporated into the coating inhibit growth & prevent any damage to the coating itself. The biocides we use have undergone (several months of) vigorous testing prior to use in our coatings in order to ensure that they are effective.


Titanium dioxide is a white pigment which is used in our coatings not only to provide colour but also to increase hiding power in order to completely conceal the surface to be coated. The grades used are selected not only for their colour & hiding power but also for their durability.


Used to achieve the desired colour, iron oxide pigments are utilised as they possess excellent light fastness properties & are ideal for external coatings.


Several types are used in our coatings & provide excellent properties such as mechanical strength & allowing the coating to breathe.


This expanded volcanic rock is used to provide texture in our textured coatings.


These solvents are used to liquefy the resins & to achieve the correct consistency of the coating for application.

Ty Hapus Cymru’s long-life wall coating offers maintenance free, decorative and weather proof protection that is guaranteed against chipping, flaking or peeling for 15yrs.


Pro Clear Ultimate

We also offer a ‘clear coating’ which has been specially developed for stone & brick homes. It will not change the appearance of your property but will fully protect it against all the weather conditions the British climate can through at it!

Pro-Clear Ultimate is a single component silane-siloxane system which penetrates into exterior building surfaces and chemically bonds to produce a water repellent lining. It then significantly reduces the absorption of water and water-borne contaminants whilst allowing the substrate to continue to breathe without changing the appearance of the outside of your house. Pro-Clear Ultimate will leave most substrates unstained and has excellent resistance to UV light and weathering with a Low dirt pick-up.

Features & Benefits

  • Passes BS 6477 Standard for Groups 1, 3 & 4
  • Highly penetrative into substrates
  • Does not affect surface appearance
  • Water and chloride resistant
  • Minimises efflorescence
  • Excellent breathability
  • 10yr guarantee
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